Top 15 Pheromone Products

Top 15 Pheromone Products

Fifteen Pheromone Products That You Should Know

There are so many pheromone products in the Internet. It is best that you know which ones work and which ones do not work at all. The money that you spend on crappy items can be used to purchase effective ones. Nobody likes to waste money or spend them on items that do not work at all. It is one of the reasons that you are doing research and doing some investigations before purchasing an item. You don’t want to pay or trade your hard earned money on an item that will never work.



Which One Is The Best Pheromone Item

If you are looking for the best pheromone product then you maybe disappointed. It is because each individual prefer something different or unique plus most pheromone users tend to mix and combine various pheromone items together. However, there is still hope. Most people often agree that certain goods stands out over the rest. For example, while there are so many people that love to drink soda, there are a lot of people who prefer coca cola the most.

It is the same with pheromone products. I’ve listed some of the best ones that I know of. I have tested these items and they appear to be effective. They have lots of user and customer feedbacks which definitely help. It means that I am not the only one who is satisfied with his purchase. There are also people who love the cologne that they bought.



Male Pheromone Products To Help In Attracting Women

Here Are 15 Short Pheromone Reviews


Alpha 7 potent pheromone product Alpha 7 is one powerful pheromone product. If you are timid, shy and lacks confidence then I suggest getting this item. It packs a big punch though. I suggest using a cover scent like APC. Always use a cover scent. Smelling nice is attractive too.
chikara c7 pheromone merchandise for guys Chikara is anothe great item. I like the unscented version though because I prefer to use my own cover scent. This item is very good but I still suggest combining it with an androstenone type of item like Alpha 7 or NPA.
Scent Of Eros Pheromone Item For Males Scent Of Eros is another great pheromone product. It is created by James V. Kohl which is a famous person in the pheromone world. He knows his stuff. I recommend combining this with NPA or Alpha 7 also because it lacks androstenone.
New Pheromone Additive Pheromone Item For Men NPA is an androstenone pheromone product. You can use it as a stand alone or mix it with other items. It is meant to be mixed with regular colognes. But it is so nice and powerful that people use it to combine with other pheromone colognes.
WAGG Pheromone Product For Attraction WAGG -N is a pretty wonderful item. It is very easy to use. It doesn’t have the negative effects of androstenone. If you don’t like the alpha male image or the aggressiveness then getting WAGG -N is a good idea.
Androstenone Pheromone Concentrate Pheromone Merchandise APC is a very good pheromone product. In fact, I have bought so many of this compared to any other items. However, I bought this due to its scent. It smells good. If you are going ot use pheromone colognes, it is best to have a cover scent.
Primal Instinct Male Pheromone Item For Attraction Primal Instinct is a very good item. It is filled with androstenone. So if you like the alpha male image then I suggest getting this item. It is one of the best androstenone cologne that I know of. It is called primal instinct for a reason.
Liquid Trust For Intimate Alpha Males Liquid Trust is a unique pheromone product. Males and females can use this particular item. It is meant to create trust. It is filled with oxytocin. This item is the opposite of alpha male. I recommend it to people that are already intimidating.
Perception Gel Packs Male Pheromone Item Perception comes in 50 small packets that can be used twice. This is actually a good bargain. You can get a lot of pheromone content in a small packet. You can use it to combine or mix with others or use it as a stand alone item.
The Edge Sandalwood Pheromones For Men Edge Sandalwood pheromone product is very versatile. It has androstenone and androstenol. A very impressive combination. It isn’t as intimidating as pure androstenone products plus it has androstenol which is also a very powerful ingredient.
Rogue Male Pheromone Products To Attract Women Rogue male is exactly what it is. It is meant to create a rogue male type of aura. It is very effective and I like it very much. Just don’t put too much of it or you may end up getting some negative effects.
Wagg Pheromone Products For Guys To Attract Women WAGG is the original formula. It is meant for males that are very intimidating. If androstenone colognes are too much or create too much aggressiveness then you should try some of WAGG. Males that are very aggressive or intimidating can benefit from this item.
alter ego pheromone items for males Alter Ego is very concentrated. It has a lot of pheromone content inside this little bottle. It has androsterone, androstenone and androstenol. It has the 3 big names or 3 big ingredient in pheromones. Plus the scent is also very good.
Edge Trust Male Pheromone Merchandise Attractant Liquid trust is another pheromone product that has oxytocin. It is meant to provide some degree of trust. Oxytocin can be used by both male and female. So this item can be used by any person. This usually lasts for quite a while.
Master Pheromone Products For Men Cologne Master pheromones for men is another great item. This item is created by Dr. Pugiliese. It has unique formula that they do not mind sharing to the public. The formula is quite new and it promises to be very effective in attracting someone.




Pheromone Merchandise – What Else Do You Need

Always Have A Cover Scent For Your Pheromone Product

I cannot stress this enough if you buy a pheromone product, you need a cover scent. First of, the most potent and powerful products may smell like urine or sweat, if you are a guy. So if you are a guy, for your mental health, it is best to get a cover scent so that it doesn’t ruin your confidence. For example, I love Alpha 7 unscented. Even though it is unscented, it smells funny sometimes. But the funny thing is that I asked girls if they smell anything, some say it smells good, some don’t smell anything at all.

It is just fascinating that some pheromone products that smell like urine to men actually smell nice or nothing at all to the opposite sex. Some even say the item smells good. Anyway, back to the statement. You need to wear a cover scent. It is because a nice smell is also very attractive. I like it when a girl smells good. It is just so nice to cuddle with them and hug them especially when they smell good. It is the same for guys. Women like to be close to us more if we smell good.



What Else Do You Need For Attraction

There are a lot of things that triggers and turns off attraction. I don’t want to list them all. There are a lot of things that can turn on women and can turn them off. It is the same for guys. Guys are less complicated. We are always turned on by physical beauty. Women are much more different. For a lot of the women that I know, physical beauty is just the starting point. They want other things as well. The most attractive quality that a man can possess is if he can mentally stimulate a girl. I don’t mean intelligent conversations. Intelligent conversations are usually not attractive. But mental stimulation is another topic for another day.