Powerful 15 Pheromones For Men

Powerful 15 Pheromones For Men

Male Pheromones To Help Attract Women

Are you looking for pheromones for men colognes? It is no wonder because there are so many items out there that just do not work. You can end up wasting so much money buying items that will not give you any positive effects. So I’ve come up with a list of powerful and effective items that you will be interested in. You can scroll down to see the list if you don’t want to read anymore.

There are lots of pheromones for men that also works. It is much better if you know what you are looking for or know the desired effect that you want. I know that most of us are looking for better ways to attract women. You will have a much better chance of soliciting a positive effect or a desired effect if you know the effects of each item. Unfortunately, what works for one person may not work for you which is why there is a need to know more information about what you want.



Pheromones For Males That Give Friendliness, Alpha Male, Intimacy, And Trust

Unfortunately, an item or pheromones for men cologne that creates all of them doesn’t exist yet. As far as I know, anyway. Friendliness, alpha male, intimacy and trust can create attraction. These are behavioral or emotions that can attract women. An item that can help you create an alpha image aura may not be able to give you a trust or friendly aura. Alpha males are often considered as leaders, lone wolf, and somewhat aggressive. So it is the somewhat the oppossite of being friendly or trusting.

Maybe you want a male pheromone cologne that will help you get more friendly with a woman. Maybe you are already a natural alpha male or lone wolf and women are somewhat hesitant to talk to you. The last thing you want is a product that will make you appear more aggressive. These are just some examples. Believe me when I say that if you find the right item(s) that works for you, attracting someone becomes much easier.

Unfortunately, a lot of pheromone websites will claim that their product will make women go crazy and will make them have wild fantasy nights with you just by wearing or using their products. This is not the case and I find that most websites that do this have very crappy or substandard products that people should stay away from. Pheromones do work but just like everything else, they require effort and understanding. They are just tools of attraction, it is still up to you or up to the user whether they will work or not.




Pheromones For Guys That Work Or Help In Attraction

Here Are 15 Pheromones For Men That Are Very Effective


Alpha 7 potent male pheromones Alpha 7 is a pheromones for men cologne that is very potent and concentrated. It has high androstenone count which is 6mg. I don’t know of any other product that has the same concentration. 10mg of androstenone is worth $100 so this is very cheap and affordable.
alter ego pheromones for males Alter Ego is a male pheromone cologne comes in a very tiny bottle. You have to control this because putting on too much will deplete your supply very quickly. But the good thing is that you don’t need to put a lot in order to get positive effects. AE has a very nice scent.
Androstenone Pheromone Concentrate Manly Scent APC has a very low androstenone pheromone count. However, this is one of the best cover scents that I know of. You don’t even need to buy a cologne. This is a great cologne because the smell is very nice and I got lots of compliments due to the smell.
chikara c7 pheromone for guys Chikara is one of the best phermones for men. It has high pheromone concentration. I love to mix this with other androstenone male pheromone products like Alpha 7 or New Pheromone Additive.
Wagg Pheromones For Guys To Attract Women WAGG -N is a great pheromone for men cologne for those who are naturally an alpha male. This will tone down the aggressiveness and lone wolf aura that they naturally have. Well that is according to most user reviews.
Liquid Trust For Intimate Alpha Males Liquid Trust is a great pheromones for males cologne that has oxytocin. Oxytocin is believed to enhance or create a trusting relationship between two people. This is very powerful stuff and it is great for a workplace environment.
Master Pheromones For Men Cologne Master Pheromones For Men is meant to elevate the mood of the wearer so that his confidence will increase or improve. Confidence is very sexy and attractive in a man. If I had to choose which attracts girls more: physical appearance or confidence, I’ll say confidence.
New Pheromone Additive Manly Cologne NPA is a great male pheromone cologne. It is recommended that users mix this with other colognes or other products. It is an additive after all. While it is meant to be mixed with others, it is also very powerful as a stand alone product.
The Edge Sandalwood Pheromones For Men The Edge Sandalwood is another great item. It contains androstenol, and androstenone plus another secret ingredient meant to increase the attraction. There is also Edge Trust with a different formula for people looking for oxytocin.
Perception Gel Packs Male Pheromones Perception gel packs. This item comes in a 50 pack gel pack that people can use. Each pack is meant to be used twice so that is a total of 100 uses. This also comes with no scent so you may have to buy a cover scent or cologne for it.
Primal Instinct Male Pheromones For Attraction Primal Instinct is a powerful alpha male pheromone cologne. Like all androstenone product, this also creates an alpha male image. It is recommended that users do not put a lot of it. Just a drop or two should suffice.
Rogue Male Pheromones To Attract Women Rogue Male is a powerful pheromones for men. It is like a combination of primal instinct and APC in one bottle. It is meant for people who want an alpha male image. It is said to boost confidence and give people the edge they need over the competition.
Scent Of Eros Pheromones For Males Scent Of Eros is another powerful pheromones for men item. I’m pretty sure it doesn’t have androstenone but it has lots of andorstenol and androsterone. I definitely recommend it to people that need an alpha male image or guys that are timid.
WAGG Pheromones For Men For Attraction WAGG is the original formula and it creates a powerful non-aggressive type of aura. WAGG is short for “what a great guy”. It is meant for friendliness. It is definitely great for people that seem very threatening and aggressive.
Edge Trust Male Pheromone Attractant Edge Trust is a great product or pheromones for guys. It also has oxytocin which is becoming popular. It creates a very trusting relationship or aura. Edge sandalwood is a great item and this also another wonderful product from the same company.



Male Pheromones For Attraction

What You Need To Understand About Pheromones For Men Products

If you think that any pheromones for men product will make any woman or girl fall helplessly in love with you or obsess with you then you are in for a rude awakening. However, there are cases when I find a girl that is so attracted to me that if I wanted to, we can have some wild crazy fun in bed in the same night. Do pheromones have anything to do with it? I believe so, I don’t get that kind of reaction if I’m not wearing pheromones. However, other things also come into play in attraction like my personality, confidence, my looks and the way I carry myself. I’m just saying pheromones are not going to make you a chick magnet overnight.

I’ll tell you a story about one of my past about the effects of these items. There was this girl in school. She always wears a dress but she isn’t that pretty. I can say that she is average looking. She looks clean, knows how to dress up but I have no idea or no clue about her personality, what she likes or who she is. But let me tell you, I was so attracted to her. I was so attracted!!! I cannot figure out why. A lot of guys were attracted to her too. I remember the attraction was very primal. Like I said, I have no idea who she is or what her personality is.



I Had To Know Why I Was So Attracted To Her

I finally gave up and approached her. Amidst the conversation, I said in a flirty way, “I’m somewhat drawn to you, and I have no idea why”. She just smiled. She knew that I was attracted to her but she is just playing it cool. She knew a lot of guys were attracted to her. There was even a very hot girl in the same class too and that girl seem so substandard when compared to this girl that I was talking to.



Finally! She Revealed Her Secret – Using Pheromones To Attract Males

She told me that she was wearing or using pheromones. Let me tell you, I’ve experienced first hand what pheromones can do to me. This is what made me a believer. I was more attracted to her than a very hot sexy girl in my class. I wanted the same power also. I wanted to be the very attractive guy in class even though there are a lot better guys out there.

I bought lots of pheromones for men and never regretted it. This is how I learned what they mean by the “edge”. You have something that gives you the edge, something that sets you apart, something that makes you more attractive when compared to other guys that are so much better or hotter than you. Do you want that power? I wanted it so bad. I know a lot of people want the same thing. This is the reason you are in here. You want the information you need in order to attract more women or make the process of attraction a little bit easier.