My 15 Pheromone Reviews

My 15 Pheromone Reviews

Pheromone Reviews Are Important To Know Which Items Work

It is important that we read pheromone reviews because there are so many items that do not work. You may end up buying these crappy items and you will just waste your money. Pheromone effects are very subtle and hard to notice at times but believe me, there are so many items in this market that do not work at all. They rely on heavy advertisements and marketing in order to make money. This is one of the reasons why it is important to do you research first and read what people are saying before buying an item.



Pheromone Reviews – If It Is Too Good To Be True, It Probably Is

Always approach pheromone reviews as a skeptic. I always believed that pheromones increases attraction. It helps attract the opposite sex and helps in the process of attraction. However, if a website claims that their product will turn you into some sort of wild sex machine or some guy that is irresistable to women then you should not believe them. Will women really hump your leg like a dog just because you are using pheromones? Will they become your slaves just because of pheromones? Of course not. Pheromones just help in attraction. They are like clothes, physical beauty, money, and etc that helps in attraction.

There will be pheromone reviews from real users that says that their sexual life increased or they can get a lot more women due to pheromones. This is because pheromones help in attraction. They can make people more attractive. So if a girl or guy is attracted to you, of course there is always a possibility of hot and wild nights. However, don’t expect miracles. Pheromones are only tools. They are only good if you can use them well. You also have to think about other things that play in attraction like verbal escalation, kino, your looks, your clothes, and etc.



Male Pheromone Products To Help In Attracting Women

Here Are 15 Short Pheromone Reviews


Alpha 7 pheromone review product Alpha 7 is one of the best that I’ve tried. It contains 7mg worth of pheromones. A powerful combination of 1mg androsterone and 6mg androstenone. The product is very concentrated. The best part is that it is very affordable compared to most pheromones.
New Pheromone Additive Pheromone Reports NPA is a heavy androstenone product. It is one of the best due to its versatility. Most users who bought NPA will mix it with other colognes or products. I often use it in conjunction with chikara and scent of eros.
chikara c7 pheromone analysis for men This is my short pheromone review of Chikara. It is one of the best selling items in love scent. It has so many user reviews and positive feedbacks. It is one of the reasons I bought it also. The customer reviews are just very hard to ignore.
Scent Of Eros Pheromones check up Scent Of Eros is an all time favorite of mine. It has been around for quite some time and it continues to be one of the best. If you want something effective then you can get this item. It was created by James V. Kohl. A famous pheromone researcher.
alter ego pheromones reflection product Alter Ego is another great item. It is highly compact and comes with a dropper. It smells great. It is one of the best smelling pheromone cologne that I have ever tried. If you want something that works and smells great then get AE.
WAGG Pheromone Reviews For Attraction This is is my pheromone review of WAGG -N, a very good item. It is short for “What A Great Guy”. It is the aura or image that it is trying to give. If you are very alpha or aggressive and you seem to intimidate people then WAGG-N is perfect for you.
Edge Trust Male Pheromone Examination Liquid trust is one of the best items you can get. Not that many pheromone colognes that have oxytocin as their ingredient. If you don’t want the super macho, alpha male aura then I highly recommend getting liquid trust.
Wagg Pheromones For Guys Pheromone Evaluation WAGG is the original formula. My pheromone review for this is that it is very good for people that do not want the overly aggressive aura but instead something mellow and nice. It is a very good item for flirting and talking with other people.
Androstenone Pheromone Concentrate Manly Scent This is a short pheromone review of APC. It is one of the best pheromones with a nice scent. In fact, I would buy this item just for the scent alone. It is a perfect cover scent for Alpha 7 and other items. The pheromone content is very low though.
Master Pheromone Reviews For Men Master pheromones for men is a very powerful item. I recommend getting the smaller bottle before buying the bigger one. Although this is really a very good item already. You will end up buying lots of it due to its effectiveness.
Rogue Male Pheromone Analysis Rogue male is another good one. It is not as popular as the rest though but it is still good. I recommend it for people that need the alpha male image. If you think about a rogue male, it is really the type of aura it is trying to give.
The Edge Sandalwood Pheromone Examination For Manly Scent Edge Sandalwood is another very good pheromone item. I recommend it for people that are new to this world. It isn’t as aggressive as the others. It is very easy to mix with other colognes and pheromone products.
Liquid Trust For Pheromone Analysis This is my brief pheromone review of liquid trust. It is one of the few pheromone products that can work with women as well as men. It has oxytocin which is becoming to be a favorite of a lot of people. I still prefer androstenone though.
Primal Instinct Male Pheromone Assesment Products In this short pheromone review, Primal Instinct is one of the best items that you can get if you like androstenone. It is packed with alpha male aura. If you want the lone wolf, confident and awesome type of aura then you have to get this.
Perception Gel Packs Pheromone Reviews Perception is one of the best items that I know of. This item comes with 50 perception packets. They are good for two uses. You can also use them to combine with other pheromone items or you can use it as a stand alone product.




Pheromone Analysis – Do These Pheromones Really Work?

Depends On What You Mean By Working – Pheromone Report

I already told you in my pheromone review that they do work. However, let me clarify it some more by using a story. There is this guy that payed $2000 to go to a pick up artist boot camp. In this camp, they will teach a couple of people the verbal, body language, attitude, confidence and set of skills to pick up a girl and bring her home at the same night. The guy was a genius at picking everything up. He was a natural. In the first couple of nights, they all went to a club.

Everyone was able to get a number, some brought a girl home, and some got some good connections except for this guy that is a natural. He learned most of the skills but he couldn’t get anyone. So the instructor took him shopping the next day. He didn’t even want to get the clothes the instructor picked for him. He was like they were not his style and etc. He is uncomfortable with the clothes. But he was forced to get them.


The Moral Of The Story – Pheromone Analysis

Guess what happened the next night? He got so much positive feedback from women, they were all hanging around him, and he was practically a chick magnet. All he had to do was get some new clothes. The moral is there are so many things that come into play in attraction. Some can turn women on like pheromones, clothes, verbal escalation, kino and etc. but at the same time, there are also a lot of things that can turn women off.

In my pheromone review, I’ve listed a lot of items that can help in attraction. However, even though they are helping the person or the wearer become more attractive, there are also other things that the wearer can do that can turn women off. Pheromones are tools or items that help in attraction. They are not miracles packed inside a bottle. They work for those who put in the effort to make them work.