Do Pheromones Work In Attracting Other People


Do Pheromones Work To Attract Women?

Can Attraction Be Influenced By The Sense Of Smell

do pheromones work in attractionThe underlying question which is do pheromones work can easily be answered but the explanation can be quite long. Can a bottle of cologne help attract people? Let me ask you a question, can you get attracted to a girl or guy just by looking at her? Of course, this can easily be proven by watching television or reading a magazine. There are so many beautiful women in television that we are attracted to. This is the reason why there is a lot of sexy women doing unspeakable things in the Internet. Guys are easily attracted to beautiful women. It is the same with women, they get crushes on guys that are in television purely on looks.

In order to answer do pheromones work, I need you to keep an open mind. This is the reason why I’m talking about our senses. Can people get attracted by the sense of touch? Of course, they can. If you ever had a lover and she touches you in the elbow, neck or in some parts of your body, you can get turned on in an instant. Can people get attracted with the sense of taste? Of course, haven’t you heard the expression, “the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach”? The simple answer is that all of our senses can make us turned on or attracted to another human being.



Pheromones Claim To Do More Than Just A Simple Attraction

So You Are Not Answering The Question – Do Pheromones Work?

do pheromones really workI haven’t answered the question, do pheromones work, at all. I maybe getting there or giving you the right idea but there are so many things that come into play that I need you to keep an open mind. It is true that scent can produce lots of emotions and can be a good turn on but pheromones claim to do more than just a simple attraction. Most websites, pheromone users, and people that believe in pheromones claim that pheromones can affect the behavior, the aura, and personality of the wearer and the people around them.

There are lots of claims that pheromones can give the wearer an alpha male image. Some products also claim to help the wearer flirt, have intimacy, trust and so on. So what is an alpha male image? A person that has leadership qualities, strong, confident, proud, lone wolf, and can get a lot of girls to be with him. So can pheromones do this? I’m going to give you the short answer first which is, yes. Pheromones can do all of that to an extent. It can help people appear to be an alpha male which in return can help in attraction.



Tell Me The Truth Do Pheromones Help In Attraction

What You Need To Keep In Mind Is That Attraction Is Complex

I honestly believe that pheromones work or help in the process of attraction. However, there are other things that you need to consider. Let’s say that pheromones are helping you get an alpha male image. Let’s say pheromones are helping you give off an aura that you are an alpha male, you smell like one, you are a lone wolf and etc. You go to a club, or a party, or a social gathering and you are not attracting anyone. Why do you think that happens? You bought the cologne that promises to help you get laid, promises to help you get a girl, it has lots of real user reviews that it works and yet you are not attracting anyone. So what went wrong? You maybe thinking, pheromones do not work at all or pheromones do not work for you.



Answer This Question For Me – Do You Look Like An Alpha Male

do pheromone colognes attractYou are asking the wrong questions if you want to know do pheromones work. Look at yourself in the mirror. Do you look like a person that can get any girl he wants? Do you look like a person that is an alpha male? Do you walk with a good posture or do you have a good body language? All of this comes into play with attraction. What can pheromones do to help you if you are not helping yourself. Pheromones are trying their best to help you attract women but all of your attitude, your looks, your body language, and everything else says that you are not an alpha male and you are just a beta male.

In order for items such as pheromones to work, you don’t even need to look like alpha male. You just need to look good or decent. You need to look clean. You need some nice clothes like a decent pair of jeans, tshirt, polo, shoes and etc. Throw away your gamer shirt, or some ragged crap that you have in a closet for 10 years and invest some money on armani exchange clothes or something similar.



Let Me Tell You A Story Of How Pheromones Work

This is a story of how pheromones work for me. I was wearing this 8 dollar shirt that I got in burlington, it wasn’t good looking, it was ordinary and average. If I showed it to you, you will think I overpayed for it. It is that average looking. Anyway, a couple of girls came up to me and ask for directions. I pointed the way but before they left, one girl asked where I got the shirt. She said it looked great and I looked so sexy. The keyword here is sexy. She wants to give one to her boyfriend. All the other girls agreed too that I looked sexy in the shirt.

I would never get that kind of compliment if I wasn’t wearing pheromones. You may think I’m delusional but there is no way in hell that the shirt I was wearing is sexy. That shirt was so plain and average looking. I don’t even take care of it. However, it was clean, and I was clean. That is all it took for pheromones to help in the process of attraction. I just needed myself to be clean, I just needed my clothes to look clean.



What Is The Best Way To Prove That Pheromones Work

The Only Way To Get The Answer Is To Try Pheromones For Yourself

pheromones work to attract womenIf you really want to know if pheromones work then you will have to try it. Do what I did. Get some clean clothes. Clean yourself up. You need to ask your sister or friend that is a girl on what to wear. Trust me, you maybe uncomfortable with their suggestions but they know the looks or the fashion that attracts other women. Go work on your posture and body language.

You are ready to know if pheromones work or not. When everything is done, then you can go buy pheromones especially the alpha male or androstenone products. Go to a party where nobody knows you. You don’t even need to speak. Just sit in a chair. Don’t go in a corner. Sit in a chair where there is light. This says that you have confidence, that you can handle yourself and that you are not afraid when other people look at you. After some time, if the pheromone cologne is good then women will stare at you. They will do it in a subtle way but you will be able to tell that there is some kind of attraction going on.

It is easy to know if pheromones work if a girl gets attracted to you even though you are just average and not doing anything special to attract them. If you don’t get any stare, then come back here and tell me that pheromones do not work. I will tell you to keep doing the same thing that I suggested over and over. The only way for you to know if pheromones work or not is by trying them. Don’t be discouraged if you fail once or if the pheromone cologne doesn’t work once, the effects are very subtle so you may not have noticed them.


Look at the best pheromones that I suggested. If the item that you are wearing is not in my list, don’t get mad if they do not work. A lot of people in this market are scamming people into buying a perfume mix or plain oil.



The Situation Where Pheromones Will Never Work And Aways Fail

This is a scenario where you can forget about making pheromones work. The situation where you want to attract that one specific girl. This is the girl of your dreams, you want her so bad but she isn’t attracted to you at all. I’m going to tell you to move on. Forget her. We call this “oneitis”. The more you want her, the more she won’t like you. The more you try to push yourself in, the more she will push away. It is just how attraction works. We always want the things that we can’t get and we always take for granted or don’t want that things that are easy.

In this situation, just forget about making pheromones work. You are attracted to her because she is very hard or maybe impossible to get. But you see some tiny little hope that you may succeed so you keep pushing yourself in. A lot of guys go through this. Forget her. There are so many fishes in the sea that are better than her. However, you have deluded yourself and convinced yourself that you will never find someone like her. Trust me, there are so many girls better than her. You may not see it but it is the truth.

In this situation, can pheromones work or help you get the girl. I seriously doubt it. I don’t think so. Guess why she isn’t attracted to you? Mainly because she thinks there is someone far better than you and she likes that guy. You are just too easy. The other guy is harder to get which makes him more attractive. The other guy is the alpha male.



A Complete Summary Of Everything

  • do pheromones workDo Pheromones Work?
  • do pheromones workYes but it is only a tool
  • do pheromones workA tool is only as powerful as the user
  • do pheromones workWhy should I get a pheromone cologne if I have to work for attraction anyway
  • do pheromones workIt is because it makes attraction easier, simpler, with less effort


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