Top 5 Androstenone Pheromone Cologne

Top 5 Androstenone Pheromone Cologne

Androstenone Pheromone Cologne To Attract Women

If you want powerful items then androstenone pheromone products are what you are looking for. These items tend to be very powerful but they also tend to have negative reactions. It is very easy to put on too much androstenone and this can lead to undesired effects. If you are looking for androstenone pheromones then it is highly likely that you are already familiar with pheromone products and what they can do and cannot do. I’m not even going to bother explaining if pheromones work or not. I’ll just go straight to the point.

However, if you do not believe that androstenone pheromones work at all, then that is your opinion. There is a big line right now between scientists, researchers and average people on whether pheromones work or not. Some say that they do work while others say that they don’t work at all. So if you believe that they do not work then why are you here? We cannot make you into a believer and you cannot convince us also that pheromones do not work. For those who are looking for good items, then by all means, read on.



Positive Factors Of Using Androstenone Pheromone Colognes

Here’s what most users are saying and information according to the phero library.

  • androstenone pheromone cologne alpha male  Androstenone Pheromones are often associated with alpha males.
  • best androstenone pheromone cologne for attraction  Increase in attraction from the opposite sex
  • top androstenone pheromone colognes for men  Improves sexual interactions and increases them.
  • androstenone pheromone colognes that work for attraction  More attention from the opposite sex
  • best androstenone pheromone colognes to attract the opposite sex  Get the “edge” over the men or the competition




Top 5 Androstenone Cologne Products

Here Are 5 Pheromone Items Filled With Androstenone



alpha 7 best androstenone pheromone cologne for men


Alpha 7 has the highest androstenone count that I know of. It has 6mg worth of androstenone. I don’t know of any other product that has a higher concentration. It also has 1mg of androsterone which gives this item a total of 7mg worth.
New Pheromone Additive has high concentration of androstenone NPA is my first androstenone pheromone. I still continue to buy it whenever I ran out. It is very good and you can buy it in a smaller bottle if you don’t want to spend a lot. I usually get the bigger bottle though cause I use this item in my mixes a lot.
Edge Sandalwood powerful item The Edge Sandalwood has androstenone and androstenol plus a secret ingredient. I don’t know what that secret ingredient is but a combination of androstenol and androstenone are always good. They work very well together in a bottle.
Primal Instinct top androstenone pheromone product Primal Instinct is pure androstenone pheromone. Most people recommend using only a small dose because you can put too much. Too much androstenone is usually considered bad due to negative effects like headache, intimidation and too much aggressiveness.
Alter Ego contains androsterone, androstenone, androstenol Alter Ego is a very balance pheromone. It has androstenone but it also has androstenol and androsterone. So if you want something that is in the middle or something that is more balance then I recommend that you get Alter Ego.



Negative Factors Associated With Androstenone

Here Are Some Negative Effects Of Pheromones That People Have Reported

Headaches are very common to androstenone pheromone products. Users have reported that putting on too much androstenone can result in some form of headache. Some even say that their minds feel a little bit cloudy.

Bad scent are also common. Several users have reported that putting on too much makes them smell like sweat and urine. However, this can easily be neutralized with a good smelling cover scent.

Aggression from other males – a lot of people have reported that androstenone products often cause aggression from other males. Some say that this is due to territorial instincts and maybe due to some form of intimidation.

Aggressiveness or aggressive mood from the user are also a common effect from too much androstenone pheromone. This has also been reported by countless customers and is seen in a lot of forums.

No result or no positive effect of using androstenone pheromone due to the opposite sex being intimidated. It doesn’t matter if the target is a girl or guy, some get intimidated and run away due to fear which leads to no positive effect or result.



The First Pheromone To Be Discovered

Did you know that andostenone is the first pheromone to be discovered? Even though there is a lot of debate going on in the scientific community whether pheromones work or not, a lot of people still believe that pheromones do attract the opposite sex. When androstenone was first discovered, not a lot of pheromone products were around. The first one I’ve seen was APC and it had very little pheromone content. However, it smelled very good which made it extremely popular.

Now, there are so many androstenone products that can be bought. We even have androsterone and androstenol in the market. I still believe that androstenone filled products are the best ones. Everyone has their favorite pheromone cologne though. So what works for me may not work for you. It is best to experiment and work with a lot of products in order to find your favorite. As more and more hits come in, you will end up picking your favorite item or favorite mix of items.



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